In compliance with GDPR legislation the following Data Protection policy was adopted by the Cinema Nairn Committee on 9th May 2018.

The Data Held.

1. Cinema Nairn keeps an E mailing list to alert those on it to upcoming films, meetings, and any special events.

2. All those on the mailing list have given consent and requested in person, in writing or by electronic means to be on it.

3. Data held is the name/s, address, and e mail address of the participant/s.

How the Data is Stored

1. The data is stored on a standalone password protected computer.

2. The data can only be viewed by the committee member who sends out e communications.

Our Responsibilities

1 Participants’ data should be kept secure by all practical means.

2 Participants’ data will never be shared with any other individual or organisation.

3 Participants may at any time request that their data is removed from the mailing list

4 Participants may request to have a copy of data which is held in their name at no charge.

5 Any data breach must be reported within the specified time to the relevant authorities.

Participants’ Rights

1 Participants have a right to have all or any part of their record removed from the list.

2 Participants have a right to see what information is held about them at no charge.

3 Participants have a right to change their details.

Issue One

9th May 2018


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